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Why choose counselling services from Wingspan?

All our counsellors are professionally trained and qualified to provide individual counselling, couples counselling, and family counselling services. Wingspan works with children, teens and adults and offers both face-to-face and online counselling sessions. Our team can help you choose the right counsellor for you.

To keep it affordable for everyone, we ask for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of your counselling session based on your household income. We don’t want money to be a barrier to anyone seeking help, so please speak to us about your situation.

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Personal issues

Whatever you are going through or experiencing - you don’t have to go through it alone. If you need a safe space to share what’s happening in your life, or you want to begin to understand your emotions - we’re here for you. Most people seek counselling because they have identified a specific goal or issue that they want to work on. Our clients are often ordinary people struggling with everyday issues… yet we also help people deal with some very challenging personal situations.

relationship issues

Relationship issues

Studies show strong relationships often equate to stronger physical and mental well-being. Whatever you feel is getting in the way of having a healthy and happy relationship with your friends, family, or your partner - we want to help. Ups and downs in a relationship are normal, but having a trained professional to help you work through different opinions, expectations, and feelings in a respectful way can make things clearer and easier.
family and youth counselling

Family and youth counselling

We know many families are doing it tough - emotionally, financially, and socially. Sometimes you need a support system to lean on. Whether you’re a parent, caregiver, a member of a newly formed family, or trying to resolve custody or divorce issues - we can offer family and therapy work to help unpack the situation you are facing. We'll assist the family to manage in ways that everyone feels more connected, able to cope and improve their relationships.


Wingspan also offers Youth Programs - teaching 12 - 18 year-olds important skills to help them effectively manage their emotions and how they can articulate their feelings with confidence, so they may reach their full potential.

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Be somebody’s hero

You don't have to wear a cape and fly through the air to earn superhero status. At Wingspan we believe the real heroes in our world are those who look beyond their own lives, and actively reach out to help others facing challenges. Those who understand what it takes to create a caring community.

Donating to fund someone's professional counselling, when they couldn't otherwise afford it, can help transform lives.

Something any Marvel Superhero would be proud of.

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