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Pay it forward to help change lives in your community

Providing others the opportunity to access professional support when they are facing overwhelming challenges is an amazing gift to give someone.

Whether they are dealing with violence, struggling with a relationship, have overwhelming anxiety or grief, are self-harming, or just need help with parenting stresses…everyone needs a place to turn to when things get tough. You may never know the people you have helped…although the chances are you’ve sat alongside them at your local cafe, waved at them at the school gate, or driven past their homes. Pay it forward to help change lives in your community.

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We’re acting now to break down the financial barriers to ensure healthier & happier families.

The most vulnerable in your community need the tools and skills Wingspan counsellors can teach to help them navigate their way back to being their best. A $125 donation will provide a free counselling session for someone who could not otherwise afford it. Be part of something transformative.

We know you’re a Superhero in the making.

We need all kinds of superheroes…your skills or connections can make a huge difference. Have you got savvy social media skills that can mobilise an engaging fundraising initiative? Perhaps helping out behind the scenes at an event is more your thing? Donating your time and skills to your community will reward you in so many ways. Together we can make a difference!

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