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People from all walks of life attend counselling every day – it’s nothing to fear or feel ashamed about. You might have noticed some changes in your behaviour, or you may be facing some tough times. You may feel unable to manage your relationships or function effectively. Perhaps you’re not coping with a change or trauma…or simply feel alone.

Wingspan provides counselling services for couples, families and individuals of all ages on a wide range of issues. It’s a safe, respectful and non-judgmental place to express your concerns and feelings. Our counsellors are professionally trained to help you make sense of the challenges and emotions you are experiencing - so you can get back to being you.

Important: Wingspan is NOT a crisis centre. If someone is in immediate danger phone 111 and ask for the Police or call the Mental Health Crisis Team (0800 800 717).

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Let’s work together to achieve better mind health and champion your client's safety and well-being.

To get things started - we’ve outlined how to make a client referral to Wingspan and provided some key information clients will need prior to their counselling appointment.  Wingspan is not a crisis centre, however, does offer Triage Counselling for those clients who would benefit from a safety and risk assessment.

To support the development of our sector, we also provide Supervision Services for for counsellors, health professionals or counsellors in training.

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