Partnerships for Community Well-being

How we can partner up, and together build stronger families?

Wingspan has been helping families in need for over 130 years. The demand for professional counselling services outstrips our ability to meet the demand. We are seeking partners who are committed to actively influencing and impacting the lives of our most vulnerable Aucklanders to improve their mental and emotional well-being. If you have a bold vision to do more to improve community well-being then let’s talk.

Partner with us

Are you looking to deploy your organisation’s skills, resources, and support to help deliver transformational projects within your community? We are looking for champions who are committed to improving the mental and emotional well-being of our most vulnerable citizens.

Demand for our professional counselling services is higher than it’s ever been, from all sectors of the community. We desperately need strategic funds and resources to increase our services, reduce appointment wait times and develop a comprehensive triage response team to ensure Aucklanders who need urgent assistance can get it.

People want to support brands with corporate citizenship. Let’s investigate where our brand values align and build a more resilient Auckland.

Sponsor an event or campaign

We have an exciting calendar of events, campaigns, and appeals that provide fun and innovative sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness and funds.

Our flagship event, the Wingspan Annual Charity Golf Tournament, held at Royal Auckland & Grange Golf Club attracts an extremely well-connected group of keen golfers. Join our generous sponsors at this sold-out event each year, raise much-needed funds and get the opportunity to enter a team to play on one of Auckland’s most prestigious golf courses.

Cash sponsorship or pro bono gifts to cover event and campaign costs ensure more funds go directly to providing professional counselling services to vulnerable Auckland families when they need it most.

Payroll giving

Studies have shown that 72% of employees feel a stronger sense of loyalty to their company when they’re actively giving back to the community through supporting a charity.

You can also give employees an opportunity to contribute to a charity they care about, such as Wingspan, directly from their pay and receive an immediate tax credit (33.33%) through Payroll Giving.

If you’re an employer looking to offer payroll giving or an employee hoping to start using payroll giving, the IRD website has some helpful resources.

Fundraise for us

Want to create a big impact and have loads of fun at the same time?

Mobilise your workmates and clients in an engaging (and competitive) fundraising event. Getting started is as easy as deciding on an activity and a fundraising goal. We’ll give you the tools to launch an online fundraising campaign for Wingspan that will inspire your supporters to get in behind your event.

We love working with people who are passionate about mental and emotional well-being , and who want to get the word out there that seeking professional help is a cool thing to do, more affordable than you think, and easy to do.

Key Supporters

Toyota supports stronger communities and helps Kiwi’s shine

“Toyota is involved in charitable causes all over the country, helping countless Kiwis and their communities” says Managing Director, Brent Knight.

“Our local communities have supported us for decades, so we’re glad to be able to give back and help ensure families have someone to talk to when they need it most.”

“We have supported Wingspan for over five years as a sponsor of the Home & Family Counselling Annual Charity Golf Day, and we are proud to do our bit to assist their amazing work helping Aucklanders cope with the multitude of challenges and pressures that they encounter.”

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