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Home and Family Counselling has rebranded to bring a fresh new look and feel to our organisation. We are now to be known as Wingspan. Our commitment to providing affordable professional counselling for individuals, couples and families, and the great team of people delivering these essential services, remain the same. A warm welcome to - a charitable trust making a difference in your community.

Our counsellors

Meet our counsellors

At Wingspan we are fortunate to have a great team of talented counsellors who each have different life experiences, interests and expertise.

All our counsellors are professionally trained and members of a professional body such as the New Zealand Association of Counselling, Australia New Zealand Association of Social Workers (ANZASW), or the New Zealand Christian Counsellors Association (NZCCA). Most hold degrees in counselling and some are accredited by the Family Court. Wingspan is an approved service provider of the Ministry of Social Development and Oranga Tamariki, and is audited annually.

Our counsellors


Dr. Maree

Clinical Team Leader Auckland Central

Shelley Anderson

Executive Director Auckland Central

Dr. Rosalind
McClean Stewart

Counsellor Auckland Central

John Carney

Counsellor Auckland Central

Clarence Fillis

Counsellor Auckland Central and North Shore

Eileen Haung

Counsellor North Shore and Auckland Central

David Legg

Counsellor Auckland Central

Jacqui Basham

Counsellor Auckland Central

Islay Rackham

Counsellor in training Auckland Central

Annette Nichols

Counsellor in training Auckland Central

Helen Carter

Counsellor in training Auckland Central

Frances Greening

Counsellor in training Auckland Central

Ginnie Denny

Counsellor in training Auckland Central and North Shore

Sheena Langguth

Counsellor North Shore

Lee Beston

North Shore Manager & Counsellor North Shore

Gemma Neuendorf

Counsellor North Shore

Jane Mudford

Counsellor North Shore

Alida Atiken

Counsellor in training North Shore
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