Who we are

Our mission for better mental health

Wingspan provides affordable short to medium-term counselling services for everyone. We work on a wide range of issues with individuals, couples and families.
Whether it’s couples counselling, family counselling, counselling for anxiety, grief, stress management or any challenge you may face…we’ll most likely have a counsellor who can help.


We’re here if you need to talk.

Important: Wingspan is NOT a crisis centre. If someone is in immediate danger phone 111 and ask for the Police or call the Mental Health Crisis Team (0800 800 717).

Why Us?

Wingspan is a registered charitable trust that is on a mission to achieve better mind health of everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances. We have two Auckland counselling centres in Central Auckland (Mt Eden) and North Shore (Northcote). We rely heavily on fundraising endeavours, sponsorship partnerships and the generosity of donors to deliver our services.

Our history

Looking after our community is deeply embedded in our DNA. Our organisation has adapted to reflect the social needs of Aucklanders, as family life and communities have changed. You may have previously known us Home & Family Counselling Incorporated Society - an organisation that has been supporting Aucklanders since 1893. When we became a charitable trust we took the opportunity to rebrand to bring a fresh new look and feel to our organisation. Our commitment to providing affordable professional counselling services, and the great team of people delivering these essential services, remains the same. The advocacy of our Founders and those who followed in their footsteps have helped to shape New Zealand and many critical pieces of legislation we all rely on today.

Help get people talking

Having a safe space to talk one-on-one is something we all need before we feel open to receiving support.
At Wingspan, we're here to create that space to support people to face their challenges and find a way through.
Your donation will help Wingspan to keep professional counselling sessions affordable for everyone and ensure there is a welcoming and safe space for Aucklanders to improve their mental and emotional well-being.

It’s just a conversation...

Connor knew something was wrong but didn’t really know what, so he went to see his GP, who prescribed anti-depressants. They helped, but Connor felt they were just a band-aid, so on his doctor’s recommendation, he decided to try counselling.

Hear more from us

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Working with us

You’re right…it’s unlikely that you will become a millionaire overnight when working for a not-for-profit that focuses on supporting its community. However, being involved in helping others to get through tough times…and seeing their sense of self-worth and resilience grow is pretty rewarding in itself.

We don’t have the fanciest items in the stationery cupboard, or the latest art hanging on the walls at Wingspan…but we do have a genuine and collaborative team that supports one another - both personally and professionally.

We are a diverse bunch, each with very different interests and backgrounds - and all care deeply about our clients and respect each other’s strengths.

Wingspan is not affiliated with any religious group - we welcome everyone and see diversity as a strength. Working to champion the well-being of others is worth its weight in gold, and a great reason to get out of bed each day! Think about it.

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