Family Counselling

Amend all this copy to reflect below: "This application takes an average of 10-15 minutes to complete. There is no autosave and all the questions with "*" must be completed." The average application takes about 10-15 mins.


You must:

  • Complete the whole form in order to make the appointment
  • Answer all the “*” questions.

Is it OK to say who we are when leaving a message?*
What time of day do you prefer?
Do you feel concerned for your safety or the safety of your child/children?

IMPORTANT: Home & Family Counselling is not a crisis centre and our office opening hours vary. If anyone is in immediate danger call 111 and ask for police. They will arrange protection and support.

If you’re in danger but it’s not safe for you to speak: Stay silent, call 111 then push 55. You will be put through to Police automatically. Listen carefully to the questions and instructions from the call taker so they can assess your call and arrange assistance for you.

For Suicide Crisis Helpline: 0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO).

For Youthline: 0800 376 633, Text 234 or email

Would you like a Triage Counselling Session?

Home & Family Counselling offers Triage Counselling. A Triage appointment is a 'one-off' session with a counsellor. The counsellor will be able to decide whether you need to be assigned to a permanent counsellor urgently or can wait. They will offer strategies to support you and identify other community resources that may help you.

Would you like a Triage Counselling Session?
Are all parents / caregivers aware of this referral being made for the child/children?*

Voluntary Contribution Guidelines (Family):

We aim to make our counselling accessible to all, so we ask our clients to make a voluntary contribution to Home & Family Counselling for each session to help offset some of the costs of the counselling service provided. Please select your voluntary contribution level based on your Total Household Income. Note: family sessions can be up to 1.5 hours in length, and all voluntary contributions are negotiable.


Home & Family Counselling is interested in measuring whether changes established during counselling sessions have been sustained. We also value the opportunity to speak with clients about their experience of counselling. Would you be happy for us to contact you 6 months after the completion of counselling?

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